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    spreading sunshine


Welikebali the Label is an always Summer-season, vacation wear brand born out of our love for Bali. Our collections are inspired by our daily island lifestyle of living under the sun, by the sea and being active, healthy and surf. With each piece we want to bring you those feelgood Bali vibes, wherever you are in the world. 

We work with local tailors in Bali and source all our fabrics on the island. We personally know each person that make your cloths and are very happy to work together with them. Every piece that you see and wear from us, is handmade. 

We do not mass produce and will always choose ethics over cutting costs. We believe that their hard work should be rewarded, and we thank you for shopping with us, because that means you are supporting small, local owned businesses in Bali! 

Enjoy our new collection and let's spread that sunshine together!

Love, Pris & Eve

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