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  • Weekend getaway with Travelbags

    Posted on October 18 2018

    If you know us, you know we love nothing more than a good weekend trip! Especially now Eve is due with the baby in a few months, we're really making...

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  • Bali Vacation Packing list (+ extra flight tips!)

    Posted on September 10 2017

    It’s been almost 9 years years now that we’ve travelled for the first time to Bali from Amsterdam. We must’ve saved up quite some miles haha, can’t even count the...

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  • Nusa Penida Travel Guide

    Posted on June 04 2017

    A place where every boy and man can climb a coconut tree, women are making virgin coconut oil outside the houses, stirring in big vats of coconut meat. Where kids...

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  • Surfing in Nihi Sumba

    Posted on February 01 2017

    For surfers like us, Nihiwatu is a the ultimate dream vacation. In front of the Nihiwatu resort, located on a 2,5 kilometer stretched white sand beach. Lies probably the most...

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    Posted on January 31 2017

    When you set foot on Sumba, you'll know you've landed someplace magical. It almost felt like we went back into time. We've been thankful to catch a glimpse of the...

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    Posted on January 31 2017

    As you know, we’re always on the lookout for amazing trips around the beautiful archipelago of Indonesia. Exploring new islands, waves, cultures (and coconut tree fields to dance under:). A...

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